Direct hire & Executive search

Finding that needle.

When you’re recruiting staff, managerial or executive level positions, it’s never been more challenging finding a quality candidate that meets the forever evolving changing list of required qualifications and experience.

At MEDsearch we understand that identifying the right candidate requires a strategically calculated, collaborative recruitment approach backed with hard work, passion and creativity to uncover that needle in a haystack.

The employment specialists at MEDsearch dedicate time and research on the front-end to fully understand our clients’ strategic vision – and insight regarding the search, position duties and requirements before commencing on a search assignment. Becoming fully immersed in details beyond the written position description provides a solid foundation from which we build a successful recruitment campaign.

Our process includes:

  • Collaborative Search Assignment Review with Client
  • Internal Review of Search Assignment
  • Internal Review of Position Description
  • Internal Recruitment Strategy
  • Recruitment Campaign Development
  • Execution of Recruitment Campaign
  • Candidate Screening & Development
  • MEDsearch Candidate Interviews
  • Second Level Internal Interviews
  • Reference Checks
  • Presentation of Candidates to Clients
  • Coordination of Candidate Interviews with Clients
  • Compensation Negotiation
  • Coordination of Client Offer and Candidate Acceptance
  • Background Investigation
  • Candidate onboarding with Client
Let MEDsearch put our stellar recruiting skills to work and provide you with candidates that possess the character, skills and experience required to contribute to the success of your organization.